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Nepal Trekking Information

We are committed to providing an excellent holiday experience to our clients in Nepal for Adventure. The destination Tours in Nepal and the routes have been carefully chosen so as to ensure that you experience something that remains indelible in your heart and mind throughout your life. Working with people around the globe has made us more experienced and matured to cater your requirements as perfectly as possible in Nepal Travels. We are genuinely committed towards preserving environment and make as little impact to the local lives and surroundings as possible while organizing the outdoors activities liked Nepal Rafting, Nepal Jungle Safari, Nepal Tours, Visit Nepal Tour, Nepal Expedition and Nepal Peak Climbing.

No matter how much difficulty you encounter during the trek in Nepal, you won't regret your decision to coming to Nepal Trekking Tours. It would make the Nepal trek more adventurous instead. Fighting against adversities is what makes the life wonderful.

We get most of our customers from word- of- the- mouth referrals of our satisfied clients. Every smile on the face of our clients brings us closer to our goal and inspires us to serve even better to bring more smiles on more faces throughout the world.

Even the die-hard atheists may thank the God once they visit in Nepal-- 'Oh God, how could you create such a wonderful place!!!'

We are here to provide you a wow experience..

Nepal Tour Package

Nepal TourTour in Nepal the valley's visible history is inextricably intertwined with the Malla kings. It was during their reign, particularly in the 1600s and 1700s that many of the valley's finest temples and palaces were built. Competition between the cities was intense and an architectural innovation in one place would inevitably be copied throughout the valley. More.......

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal TourNepal is a beautiful place to go trekking and enjoy the wonderful sights that surround you. Nepal is a place of many wonders that allow you to coddle in everything that nature has to offer. While trekking in Nepal you will notice the many beautiful mountains, rivers and country side. One of the most stunning beauties is Mount Everest (8848m), More.........

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Nepal TourNepalese jungles in the Tarai region especially are filled with wildlife. Different types of jungle (National Park) of Nepal are preserving a unique ecosystem significantly valuable to the whole world.Nepal's first and most famous national park is situated in the Chitwan Doon or the low lands of the Inner Terai. More......

Flight Ticket Booking

Nepal Tour Nepal's domestic network includes some of the most remote and spectacular airstrips in the world. The approaches to these airstrips are difficult. Many new domestic airlines have taken to the skies since the privatization for the airline industry in 1991 (and several have even gone defunct). All are based in Kathmandu, and most operate with small STOL (Short Take Off & Landing) aircraft like Twin Otters. More......